Torrent download

Before you start. If you want to send the DCP to a festival or a theater for projection, you only need to send the .torrent file to the final destination! This step is not necessary.

If you are in charge of the projection or if you want to keep a copie of your DCP, here is this simple guide to do so with the help of your .torrent file.
Don't hesitate to contact us for any help

Some important considerations:

The .torrent file is standard, no matter wich torrent client can use it (Transmission, µTorrent, Vuze, Limewire, others ...).
If the .torrent file appears with an icon in your system, it may indicates that you already have a client installed. Use it.

If you don't have a torrent client installed, we recommend Transmission due to the simplicity of its interface. It's available for OSX and already included in the mostusual linux distributions. A windows version is also available.

Once installed, you will only need to double click the .torrent file and follow the instructions, mainly indicate where do you want to download your DCP.

Possible problems:

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Création et gestion de DCP
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